Our Yummy STORY

Our movement is backed by an a-ha moment we had while feeding our little pug with allergies. She progressively got worse with every "good quality" dry food we gave her. That's when we realized what put the "conventional" in conventional dog-food. Backed by our amazing vet, we moved into the territory of a species-appropriate diet. A few years and a rescue addition later, our lives truly have changed.

We pride in feeding our fur-babies, human-grade fresh food. And we have seen the benefits of feeding fresh over the years.

So, here we are on our journey to spread awareness on the benefits of fresh food in the form of complete, balanced meals to enrich your lives and the ones that you love.

Paw Kitchen was a long time coming and needed just the right push that 2020 has given us. 


Our meals are made from the heart and served with a smile.

Our Panel of Pet Nutritionist

Sivan personal Pic.jpeg

Sivan Zilber

In House Pet Nutritionist

Sivan is a clinical pet nutritionist and a HACCP food safety team manager. She has been working in the pet nutrition field since 2010; while formulating and managing herbal remedies as well as dehydrated dog food. She is closely allied with Paw Kitchen as an on-board nutritionist.

Susan .jpg

Dr. Susan Lauten

Recipe Formulator

Dr. Lauten is a renowned pet nutritionist and author of the book Back to Basics: Whole Food for Healthy Dogs. She received her Master’s in Animal Nutrition followed by her PhD in Biomedical Sciences. She is part of the Medical Advisory Board, Knoxville Zoo and the reviewer for American Veterinary Medical Association and Journal of Nutrition


Alison Daniel

Recipe Formulator

Alison Daniel has specialized in canine and feline nutrition for over 13 years, helping clients and their pets all over the globe. She trained in Sydney, Australia with some of the very best, starting off with a degree in human applied science, leading into naturopathic nutrition, and then specializing in functional medicine.
Alison’s passion for natural sciences soon spilled over into pets after training as a small animal companion nutritionist and completing her studies in Australia in 2008. 

Lets not forget...

Pa'w'nel of Food Testers


Pablo 'Escobar'


Daenerys Stormborn