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Unfrozen is a unique custom delivery service to get your pet's meals delivered to you without being frozen. Vacuum sealing of the packaging extends the shelf life of the meals.

Freshness guaranteed!!!

How does UNFROZEN work?

You fill in details about your pet including his/her weight, size, breed, and allergies.

We prepare fresh meals based on the protein requested, pre-portion them into packages based on your pet's requirements, and the packages are finally vacuum sealed and refrigerated.

A week's worth of meals is delivered to you the same or the next day, based on your location.

You can feed your pet straight away and refrigerate the remainder of the meals without freezing them.

How must does UNFROZEN cost?

Once you fill in your details, we will call you within 24 hours. Based on your details and any special requirements, we will give you the price.

UNFROZEN meals start at 16 AED/day.

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