Pablo | A story of a MegaE Desert Special~

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

What's happening? Why is he throwing up all over the place? Why is he losing weight even though he is on 3 meals a day? Why is he drooling all the time? Why does he walk funny? Those were a few of the questions that kept coming up every day with Pablo.

A quick background about Pablo; he is a Saluki mix, born in Dubai, and passed around families until he was rescued by us. There was no dry eye when we first saw him; locked up in a room, along with a cat and no owner in sight. It had been days; and he had consumed paper, plastic, and whatever he could find (even his own sh*t). We did not know where to begin but understood something had to be done soon.

He came home with us on the condition of fostering, as we realized 2 dogs were something we were not prepared for. But as fate (aka my wife) would have it, he was quickly family. We were very wrong when we thought his days of sorrow were behind. He was weak and we started feeding him pre-cooked fresh food 3 times a day. He would throw up everything he ate and got skinny. While this was happening there was never a day he did not cheer us on. We took him to several vets who tried treating him with medicines and injections. He was also hospitalized for a week to cure his mystery "illness".

Fast forward 2 months, an impacted kidney, and no answers, we were directed by a good soul on Facebook to a famous vet in Abu Dhabi. And after visually examining Pablo, his first advice was to feed Pablo standing up as an experiment. AND IT WORKED !!!! After a few tests, the vet confirmed it being congenital Megaesophagus and helped us manage the symptoms and let Pablo lead a fairly normal life.

So finally what is Megaesophagus? It's a condition in which the food pipe (esophagus) is enlarged, with loss of the normal ability to push food toward the stomach. The diseased esophagus is like a deflated balloon; it passively collects food and water until it can take no more, at which point the pet regurgitates all that was just swallowed. 

Treatment for ME focuses mostly on treating any underlying conditions contributing to the formation of ME and managing the pet’s food and water intake and home environment. There are no medications that work specifically to improve the function of the esophagus. As medical therapy options are limited, the burden of care falls mainly on the shoulders of an owner. Dedication, attention to detail, and consistency are key to keeping a dog with ME healthy at home.

What helped us the most, with his the symptoms, were 'The Bailey chair', a neck pillow, and properly proportioned raw meals. Unfortunately, this disease isn't curable and it only can be managed. But coming to the best part, today, Pablo is living his life without any major issues. He is a very happy dog and loves playing with his elder sister Daenerys. He is within his recommended weight range. He regurgitates once in a while but overall he is healthy. Pablo's journey has been an inspiration for us to start our own Paw Kitchen.

We, at Paw Kitchen, prepare Raw meals and Pre-cooked fresh food for your pets. These meals are properly balanced by our panel of pet nutritionists as per, FEDIAF / AAFCO standards. We hope to see your pets benefit from changing over to fresh food and getting the best nutrition they deserve.

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