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What started as a little blip in our hearts now has a heartbeat💓 and we owe it all to our little Danny and Pablo. As we are amid COVID, progress has been slow, but steady. I wish I could share the nitty-gritty of it all, but we are waiting to streamline all the processes involved in making this a community based on trust and friendship.

While I type this, we have little Danny purring away on a cushion at my feet. It has become almost synonymous with my existence to have Danny almost always stuck to my body; no matter where.

What is it with Pugs? They come in small packages and before you know it they've taken over your heart, your lap, your bed and spouse!

All she needs is a lap to perch on, and she is golden. I still remember this one time at a vet she darted at the nearest lady sitting in waiting, just to sit on her lap. Random lady, with a cat in a carriage... so basically a cat person. It was only a second before the lady nuzzled up to her and turned to me saying "Pugs are the dog version of a Persian cat!". I've had so many such encounters with my little Daenerys (Danny). And no, she hasn't developed the personality from the name!

So where is Pablo in all of this you say? He is always nearby, stalking and living vicariously off the 2 seconds of love Danny allows us to give him. Some days it's a quick kiss behind closed doors or while Danny is having a meal. It's been over 2 years now and Danny has still not entirely warmed up to him. We call it the single child syndrome. She ruled our household for a good 2 years before getting dear Pablo.

He is the sweetest little guy in the whole wide world! We are having a few rough days off late with his regurgitation, but if you were to see him you would not believe he is anything less compared to a fully-abled dog. Yes, there are bad days, and some days are worse; but every day is worth it with him. We believe we would not be half as decent were it not for him.

I'd proudly say he broke me and molded me.

I was pushed to be a better version of myself every day because I had a constant reminder of what holds us back, does not define us.

We recently introduced a new member to our pack; our 2-legged son Skye.

You should've seen Danny on the first day we got him home!! She about almost packed to leave! First, it was Pablo and now Skye. and now mama always has a baby on her lap. She waited around 7 months before wiggling her butt and taking a place on my lap alongside him. And while Pablo came in earlier, he has resigned to loving us from afar, under the guidance of Danny.

So while all this is happening, how are we getting on with Paw Kitchen? For one, Paw Kitchen is never not on my mind. We are looking at and understanding what our fur-babies want and need; which could be more than just cuddles. We are working with our panel of carefully chosen nutritionists from different trails of thoughts at ensuring only the best goes into our products. What we understand is that nutrition is not a perfect science and what works for one dog, may not work for the other. We are talking to real people, like you and I, who want only the best for their family. For while our fur-babies make only a part of our world; we are the entire world to them.

If you would like to join this movement, kindly fill out our form:

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