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Updated: Sep 13, 2020

We are your average family, with regular 9-5 jobs and a passion for our fur-babies that runs deep in both sides of our family.

Born in the U.A.E, I did not have access to pets of any sort until I moved back for University to Mumbai. While there, I lost myself into rescue work and picked my first dog off the street; a sturdy mutt named Coco. He opened the world of dogs to me; leaving a void when he passed at a very young age of 4 years. He had developed a heart condition due to unbalanced nutrition as we were only feeding him kibble and raw hide treats. While I do wish better choices were made back then, knowledge has empowered me to feed better and love deeper.

Our journey began in 2016 with a little pug; Daenerys. She is the literal embodiment of fire and ice to us. When we got her, we observed she had or would develop allergies to even the best kibble in the market. A battery of tests and a very sick pug later, we got the best advice from our vet, to switch her to raw; and we have never looked back.

Fast-forward to June 2018, we decided to adopt our foster. Or how I like to call it, he adopted us :) The conditions of his rescue may seem like something out of a book and are worthy of a separate post. He had poor renal health as a consequence of undiagnosed congenital Megaesophagus. A gradual switch from the kibble he was on, to pre-cooked and finally raw has made a world of difference to him and us.

So, here we are on our journey to spread awareness on the benefits of fresh food in the form of complete, balanced meals to enrich your lives and the ones that you love.


Paw Kitchen was a long time coming and needed just the right push that this year has given us. We want to spread the word and the benefits of fresh food; from observation in our own lives.

Our core-beliefs lie in only human-grade, sustainable, ethically sourced meat, produce, and supplementation. Our meals are made from the heart and served with a smile.

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