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Our Pre-cooked meals are made of lightly cooked meat, fruits, vegetables along with vitamins and minerals. All the ingredients are mixed together to make a delicious meal for your fur baby.

This meal is for dogs of all life stages.


100% locally-sourced grass-fed goat meat. No preservatives, No fillers, No nasties.


What makes this recipe premium? Well, Goat meat is lean meat which means low-calories and low-fat. It will help your pet maintain a healthy weight. The other ingredients of the meal have been carefully selected to maximize nutrition and give your dog a delicious meal. Our ingredients also include Acai berry which is considered a super-food. They are packed with antioxidants and anthocyanins which improve the immune system and also have potent anti-inflammatory effects. 

Over a period of time, you will notice the change in your dog's health.

This meal meets and supersedes AAFCO standards.


Energy Profile:


Energy Density per kg:              1492 kcal

Kcal from protein:                         46.3 %

Kcal from carbohydrates:           12.3 %  

Kcal from fat:                                    41.4 %


Ca:P                                                     1.25 : 1

Goat & Organic Vegetables

    • Always wash hands before and after handling product.
    • Store unused vacuum-sealed packages in the freezer.
    • Thaw in the refridgerator the night before.
    • Use thawed packages within 48 hours.
    • Food is best served at room temperature.
    • Any additional food left in the bowl has to be either refridgerated for future use or discarded after 20 minutes of consumption.


0585 929 113

0585 929 113


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