Anchovies | Superfood

Our treat bags are filled with 100% wild-caught dehydrated Anchovies.


Our superfood meal topper will have your dog or cat asking for more. Lots of tail wagging, from even the fussy ones. Packed with omega-3s; means better skin coat, reduced shedding, and less itching. Great anti-inflammatory. Protects the heart and regulates the nervous system. 


Anchovies are at the bottom of the aquatic food chain and are also relatively short-lived. Because of this, anchovies do not harbor pollutants and toxins as larger and longer-lived fish do. Anchovies is a superfood that will ensure your pet lives a long and healthy life.


Zip locked to Lock In Freshness & Flavor.


Small dogs- 2-3 anchovies a day

Medium and Large dogs- 4-5 anchovies a day