Chicken, Salmon and Organic Vegetables | Raw Dog Meal

This raw meal is made from hormone and antibiotic-free chicken meat, wild-caught Salmon and organic vegetables; straight from our kitchen to yours. No preservatives, artificial flavors, flavor enhancers. This meal is for dogs of all life stages.


As we believe that a whole chicken meal doesn't provide a complete diet, we have added salmon to this raw meal. Chicken and Salmon mixed along with organic vegetables, ups the healthy quotient giving your dog a delicious and nutritious meal. Salmon is high in Omega-3 fatty acids as well as amino acids which help the canine's heart and immune system. 


It is also a good choice of food if your dog is a picky eater as many cannot resist the taste of salmon.

Great for sensitive tummies.


This meal meets and exceeds FEDIAF standards.



Energy Profile:


Energy Density per kg:              1218 kcal

Kcal from protein:                         42.9 %

Kcal from carbohydrates:             6.0 %  

Kcal from fat:                                    51.1 %


Ca:P                                                     1.33 : 1