Beef and Organic Vegetables | Raw Dog Meal

This raw meal is made of 100% grass-fed beef meat locally-sourced and organic vegetables. No preservatives, No fillers, No nasties. This meal is for all life stages of a dog.


Our recipe comprises lean meat which is blended with eggs, vegetables, seed and cod liver oil. It's crafted to be nutritious as well as delicious, you’ll see why even the pickiest pups can’t stop barkin’ about how much they love this meal. The other ingredients of the meal have been carefully selected to maximize nutrition and give your dog a delicious meal at the same time.


This meal meets and exceeds FEDIAF standards.


Energy Profile:


Energy Density per kg:              1492 kcal

Kcal from protein:                         36.6 %

Kcal from carbohydrates:             5.4 %  

Kcal from fat:                                   58.0 %


Ca:P                                                    1.27 : 1